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technical difficulties and tahoe pictures

I’ve had a few minor hosting issues lately – so if you’ve tried to send an email to over the last few weeks, it has probably not worked! I’ve got it working again now, but you’ll notice the blog web address is now with wordpress. I’ll try to get it sorted out soon. For now, you can follow the link on the page, or bookmark this wordpress address.

A couple weeks ago I went to Lake Tahoe with my dad, brother, brother-in-law, and his kids. It was a bit of a guy’s adventure before my dad leaves for Albania for 3 years this week. We had a blast. Here’s a few photos from the trip.

One of the highlights for the kids was fishing. I’m not into fishing myself, but my brother brought his gear and taught the nephews a thing or two. They didn’t catch anything, but really loved it anyway.

We decided to take a hot air balloon ride over the lake – got up at 4AM and drove to the dock where we took off in this giant boat that launches the balloon from the middle of the lake. It’s the only spot in the word you can launch in a hot air balloon from a boat. The boat then motors around following the balloon and catching it when it comes down. They sent up these yellow balloons to test the wind before getting the big balloon ready. Apparently there’s 5 micro-climates up there to deal with. And apparently the weather was not cooperating – too windy. So the trip was scratched. Big bummer. Imagine the pictures I’d have come back with from up there! Anyway, it was still a fun little ride out on the lake.



Cave of Love, by Jenni

OK… some background… a few months back, my friend Dave purchased a song at a charity service auction from the very talented singer/songwriter Jenni B. Roake. Jenni agreed to write a song and perform it for Dave. The song was to be written in the style of an ’80’s power ballad, and sung from the point of view of Dave – as if Dave were the singer. In essence, Jenni channeling Dave in ’80’s piano power ballad style. A recipe for total awesomeness. We’ve got a piano in my apartment, so Jenni came over to perform the song for Dave and 15 or so special guests. Once I saw Jenni all decked out with the make-up and hair, and pulling the candles out of her bag, I knew I had to get some sweet shots.

(warning, photo geek talk ahead…)
I set up a remote flash that I gelled with 1.5 CTO, and then dialed in the aperture to get a good flash exposure. I was getting too much spill from the flash, so I put a couple gobos on it to block the light a little. I wanted to make it look dark, contrasty, and a little surreal, but also like the light was coming naturally from the candles. Once I had the aperture set for the flash exposure, I was able to play with the shutter speed to get the ambient candle exposure just where I wanted it. I’m pretty happy with the results. The song was about 4 minutes long, so I didn’t have too much time to get tons of shots. If I were to do it again, I think I’d try a bounce behind her to see if I could throw a little light back on the piano.

Most importantly, the song rocked, pure awesome, and everyone gave Jenni a huge ovation. Thanks for rocking at my house, Jenni! The song’s a hit, just need to record it and get a sweet video made.