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Kris & Brian engagement shoot

We did this engagement shoot for Kris and Brian a few weeks back. The wedding was Saturday and they had a few of their favorites on display. I have to admit, I enjoyed seeing my work being admired, and loved all the compliments from family and guests. It made me feel that I’m on the right path with this photography business. The wedding pics are still being worked on, but I’ll post some of my favorites this week. Anyway, for the engagement pics we just trotted around downtown Culver City for a couple hours and snapped away. We had a lot of fun, and Culver City was a great backdrop for these shots since Kris and Brian really love the town and have spent so much time there while dating. Anyway, congratulations to Kris and Brian, and thanks for letting me be your photographer!


Keith! Headshots! Fun!

Keith and I hoofed it around downtown Culver City for an hour to get some bearded headshots before he went clean-faced again. He’s shaved now, but at least he’s got the pictures to fall back on for all the fond memories. Keith is an actor, writer, director, teacher, and all-around great guy.

This first shot is in my living room. It was actually just a “test” shot to check exposure, but I really like his look in this one. It seems to be a favorite of everyone I show these to.

The next four were in various locations around downtown Culver City.

The last two were shot back in my living room. We draped an old curtain against the wall, set up the lights and shot away. Naturally, Keith brought a pipe… A beard that distinctive screams for a pipe prop.